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Soc. Activ.

Social Activities

LC Bludenz has been caring about various social sctivities. In the long run of the club's history, it has been taken special care to generate donations in favour of the environment of Bludenz region. Certainly, the club has participated in countrywide calls for donations, as well as in international social Lions projects. The conclusion of so many social activities certainly is depending upon the collections of enough funds for the club. The activities of the club members, the big sympathy of the generous sponsors within the economical enterprises of the region, and the numerous private donations during of club activities (e.g. the yearly New Year's concert of the local sinfony orchestra) had enabled the prosperous balance of donations to the club. We shall try to permanently inform the public about social activities on these pages.

Lions Year 2019-2020

Description Beneficiary
Sunday 01.09.2019 - Friday 01.05.2020:

Neue Activity

Activity im Clubjahr 2019/20


Lions Year 2018-2019

Description Beneficiary
Saturday 01.09.2018 - Friday 07.06.2019:

Activitybericht 2018/19

Summe der Veranstaltungen im Clubjahr 2018/19

Details sind im Club zu erfahren:

Diverse begünstigte Personen und Projekte auf lokaler, regionaler und internationaler Ebene